Jakarta Police Arrest Four for Abduction, Sale of Baby Girl

Police have arrested four people for their alleged involvement in the suspected abduction and sale of a baby in Central Jakarta last week.

Dian Ekawati, 28, reported the disappearance of her 4-month-old daughter Suci Sobari last Tuesday (23/02) to the Senen Police, who then handed the case over to the Jakarta Police.

Earlier on Tuesday, investigators arrested housewives Uripah, also known as Desi, 33; Sri Mulyaningsih, 39; and Kokom, 43. A 43-year-old widow named Mini was also arrested for having bought the child.

“The baby was sold to Mini for Rp 2.5 million [$187],” Jakarta Police general crimes director Sr. Comr. Krishna Murti told reporters on Tuesday.

“We are digging deeper into the case,” Krishna added. “We suspect they have committed similar crimes several times before.”

The case began in early February when Dian, who sells coffee in front of the Fatahillah Museum in Central Jakarta, met with Desi, who introduced herself and offered Dian a job.

“She also said she wanted to buy clothes for my baby,” the mother told reporters at the Jakarta Police headquarters.

Since their first meeting, the two had maintained contact and they met again the day Dian’s baby went missing. Desi allegedly took Dian and the child to a cake shop at the Plaza Atrium mall in Central Jakarta to discuss the nonexistent job offer.

During the meeting, Desi allegedly handed her bank card to Dian and asked her to withdraw some money from a nearby automated teller machine. She also offered to watch Dian’s baby. However, the PIN number she provided proved to be false and when Dian returned, Desi had already disappeared with the child.