Latest New Hangouts in Jakarta

The young generations as well as the fun-loving persons of Jakarta are in always search of the latest hangout destinations in this metropolitan. That’s why like the neighboring capital cities like Bangkok or Singapore, an extensive number of eye-catching hangouts have started to pop up in different places of the city. Jakarta always maintains its welcoming attitude as it always has something special for each type of person belong to different social scenes-whether you are in search of exclusive elite club in the city, you are the fabulous or glamorous émigré or the city’s coolest hipster- you will find exactly what matches to your social status. Explore these mind-blowing latest hangout places in Jakarta that you cannot ignore to step in at least once.

  1. SKYE

This 56th rooftop hangout destination is located just in the core of the city in BCA Tower- Grand Indonesia, Thamrin; SKYE is actually served the purpose of a ‘Lifestyle Resort in The SKY’. It definitely provides a mind-blowing atmosphere for the hangouts for those Jakartans who want some uniqueness from their daily lifestyle. Built up with unique influence of Southern-American architecture, the spacious indoor and outdoor areas of SKYE offers one-of-its-kind panoramic view through the city’s horizon, where you can enjoy your time as per your choice as the outdoor place is “bistro by day, lounge by night” and indoor is ‘all-day dining’.


The refreshing concept of Steampunk or more popularly identified for the concept of invention is the main attraction of HIDE AND SILK SWILLHOUSE where you will explore the concept not only in their interior, but also in their specialty dishes like Fruit Lobster Sandwich, Braised Back Ribs with Basmati Rice and Truffle Cream Orechiette. This hangout place turns up actually past 10pm where you will be mesmerized with the bar atmosphere with dimmer lightings and louder music where you can literally rub your shoulders with the top young celebrities of Jakarta.


Potato Head Garage is just the opposite to its sloppy sister establishment Potato Head Beach Club in Bali and it is perfect destination in the latest hangout list in Jakarta that offers fine dining with cocktail lounge. When you step inside the all-white interiors with grand chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling, you just feel as if you are entering the set of The Great Gatsby. During night time, you will see the transformation of the place with replacement of the dining tables with sofas where the guests can enjoy the atmosphere mingle with dance in the spacious hallways and cocktails in hands.


As the name indicates, Cloud Lounge & Living Room is literally situated on the cloud! You can get the 360-degree panoramic view through the city’s skyline from its 49th floor open-air setting. This magnificent ‘living room’ is decorated with snug sofas that set up the front row seats and you must visit the place during sunset time. This place is the favorite destination for the young executives and glamorous expats both in the weekends as well as weekdays.

  1. PARC19

When you are in search of a simple and unpretentious atmosphere, you must head towards PARC19 where you will get a warm welcome through its modest wooden furnishing and the cement flooring. This terrace bistro offers outdoor and indoor dining space inside a glass house mostly based on natural lights. This is one of the latest hangout places for the cool hipsters of Jakarta as there are numbers of events are organized here on the regular basis.