Latest trend in hobby and sport activities

A new trend is being seen in the Indonesian society. Particularly among the rising middle class. Running is catching up. Many have taken to running as sports they indulge in and some as hobby or for fitness. Whatever the reason, there is a socio political angle to it. Back in 2013, Jakarta hosted a marathon its first ever. The event was a sports highlight of the year. The event saw much success and it was decided to make it an annual affair. Running is a new lifestyle sports for people in Indonesia. A new trend that saw 32 running events being registered in the city of Jakarta alone. In a city with more than 10 million people, there are less running areas for sporting events such as running parks, etc. But after the Suharto regime, more and more public space has been thrown open for hobbyists and runners. The city can be seen jostling with joggers, cyclists, aerobics enthusiasts, all wanting to occupy a bit of the available space for self expression. Indonesia is enamored with social media and its likes. As per Google the trend of using selfie sticks for clicking selfies started in Indonesia. Many are taking to writing as a hobby. As is evident from the number of submissions received by the Ubud Writers and Readers and Festival. But there seems to be a case of more supply than demand. However, yoga and other activities such as Muay-thai are catching up. Steam, an original game is getting much popularity too showing that playing games is very much a part of the new generation’s lifestyle as it is in the West. And then there’s dancing. Photography. Cooking classes. More and more it is being acknowledged that learning something new stimulates the mind. So, the younger lot is now switching to activities that keep them occupied and allow them to share, using the social media platforms. And then there’s always Facebook and Twitter to keep people occupied. As the middle class and the upwardly mobile in the society explore newer ways to enjoy life, more and more avenues to do so are being discovered. Cafes, coffee shops, hip shopping areas, continental food are all the latest fads that Indonesians are familiar with. There is the expat population who also help to bring in the foreign culture with them. Like, in November it is pretty normal to see the big names in the hospitality industry serving Thanksgiving food as is done in the North America. Sporting multinational, branded clothes, smoking the e-cigarette and shopping online are recent trends that has brought to life the ecommerce industry. These trends are being seen in the rest of Asia too. Some of these are here to stay and for good. Others might just fade away with time. Eating out with family has always been in fashion and should remain so. We expect Indonesians to move neck to neck with the rest of Asia in sporting activities that promote better health.