Living in Jakarta

Like any life change, relocating can be a change that invigorates new experience, hence it should be rewarding. Get the support and guidance, the care and personal attention needed to realize its many advantages. Your agent should introduce guides for the ins and outs of the city, giving vital on-the-ground insight before you set foot in your new home. Supporting local expat groups and schools with sponsorship and practical assistance are also available. Jakarta Top Area The Golden Triangle refers to a portion of Jakarta city. It is located in the southern part of the city, also known as the financial district. Within Jakarta’s Golden Triangle area there are expensive hotels, statues, and fountains. There is high-end shopping in this district, and it does not empty out on weekends, as many downtown business districts tend to do. Golden Triangle districts are loaded with skyscrapers and modern shopping malls. Pondok Indah is an upscale residential area in the south area of Jakarta, Indonesia. There are several malls located inside and near from Pondok Indah. Although located quite a distance from Jakarta ‘s business centers, it is still a favourite amongst the expat community. Especially since the area is nicely completed with a number of international schools. Entertainment is also packed, with many renowned clubs taking up residence there. Kebayoran Baru is home to a number of affluent and renowned neighborhoods. Initially set as a satellite residential area, the district soon grew to be one of the areas with the most facilities and landmarks. One of its distinguishing traits is the number of shopping facilities, from traditional markets to luxurious shopping centers. Diponegoro is the most prestigious address in central Jakarta and home the embassies. It is known as a neighborhood for bureaucrats, diplomats and the riches of Jakarta. Supported by easy access to service centers and nearby to the central business district, it is one of the most exclusive areas for residential real estate in Jakarta. The surrounding area still retains its graceful existence with its beautiful parks, cozy street cafés and luxurious housing complexes. SCBD has grown to be a popular area for Jakarta’s expatriate community to live in. With plenty of attractions close by, as well as western supermarkets and popular restaurants and bars, SCBD offers residents a self contained all-in-one living experience. SCBD is also the most dynamic night-life area in Jakarta. Crowded with cafes, lounge, restaurants, the nightlife there are often lurked by young professionals and it’s also a great place to just chill out and hang out with some friends. Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) is a privately developed Indonesian planned community just in the geater Jakarta region. It was launch in early 1990’s and the town is implemented and managed by a holding company. The homes in the community are designed to be suitable for Indonesia’s middle classes, gated neighbourhoods, each with a different theme. BSD is a complete community, with businesses, schools, shopping malls, hospitals and hotels.