North Sumatra Toll Roads to Reach Completion by 2017: Joko


Indonesian President Joko Widodo has made a point not to center the country’s infrastructure development in the island of Java, as proven by the construction of three toll roads in North Sumatra slated to finish in mid 2017.

The three projects are: the Medan-Binjai toll road, Medan-Kualanamu-Tebing Tinggi, as well as the Kisaran-Tebing Tinggi toll road, all of which are part of the Trans Sumatra toll project.

“Land procurement is at 97 percent. We’re making very good progress, as we expect that the three toll roads will be completed in mid 2017,” Joko said during a visit of the construction site for the Medan-Kualanamu-Tebing Tinggi toll road in Penara Kebon village, North Sumatra, on Wednesday (02/03)

The Medan-Binjai toll road, meanwhile, it is expected to reach completion by the end of 2016.

Railway development

Joko added that in addition to building toll roads, railway lines are being built to further meet the country’s infrastructure needs. Each section, according to the president, is being built by different contractors so that the project can be completed at a faster pace.

With better infrastructure, the transport of commodities, products and goods across the country will not only be faster and easier, but also far cheaper.

“Compared to Indonesia’s neighboring countries, our transportation and logistic fees are more than two-fold,” Joko said.

The president expected transport costs to decrease by half.