Ten things to do in Jakarta


If you want to spend an enjoyable week in Jakarta then lots of interesting activities can be found for your utmost pleasure. Jakarta is known for its different market places, nightlife, food and tourist attractions. Have a shopping extravaganza. Shopping is considered as a pleasurable experience. Diverse range of shops can be found to quench the thirst of shopaholics. In addition to luxurious mall, you can find open market in Jakarta. For designer items, you can visit FX Mall. If you are looking for cheap yet attractive items then Mangga Dua is perfect for you. To get bags, clothes and shoes, a visit can be made to Blok M. Pasar Ikan is considered as the best place to collect souvenirs. Try food as many restaurants you can. Traditional Sundanese food must be tried in order to get the local flavor. For this purpose, Pondok Laguna is considered the best option. It is a location that is favored by both travelers and locals. Enjoy the nightlife. Lots of clubs and bars are found within Jakarta to ensure an excellent nightlife. Dynamic crowds often gather in Kemang. Café bar such as Ecobar can be preferred for a beautiful evening with loved ones. In the traveler street of Jalan Jaksa, a host of bars and clubs can be found. Enhance your beauty with massage and spa. Most of the travelers come here for the spa and massages. Through traditional massage from Indonesia, you can pamper yourself completely. It is possible to plan a weekend in these spas. Go for a walk in Pasar Baru. In Pasar Baru, you can enjoy a nostalgic walk. It is considered as the paradise for the pedestrian. Through local market, you can purchase vintage items such as shirt, watches and dresses at a cost effective price from family-run stores. Visit the beach at Ancol. For the beach visit, you have to pay money. It is possible to observe a beach park in Anchol. Lack of cleanliness can be observed during the visit. However, it offers a delightful sunset. If you are a photographer by nature then the place must be visited. Bring the kids to Amusement Part at Dufan. Close to the beach, you can find an amusement park. It has been considered as one of the best and biggest amusement parks in Indonesia. An enjoyable day can be spent in this park with kids. Go to Jalan Surabaya. Do you like antique stuff? Then, you can stroll down to Jalan Surabaya. The place is stuffed with antique items. Each item has a story behind it. Therefore, it is certainly interesting to buy something from this place. Make an appointment to the old town. Old Batavia has a historical value. It is quite close to the center of Jakarta. Therefore, problems may not be faced to visit the place. Lots of museums, fine art galleries and puppet museums can be found here in order to make you aware about the past. The entire town can be travelled with a traditional bike. Look at various museums. In additional to the National Museum, there are several other museums in Jakarta. It is a must to visit Textile Museum, Maritime Museum and Bank Indonesia Museum. In addition there is a Kite Museum as well. It can certainly increase your interest further.