The most entertaining way to spend time with family or friends

A family that spends time together stays together. Well, family time is bonding time. And if that can be made fun-filled and entertaining, why not? In a city, there are many ways to spend a day together with friends or families. But what is most entertaining? Indonesia is made up of islands that are very different from each other in culture so much so that the locals get a culture shock when they relocate. Though a Muslim country, there is some amount of Hindu population. Due to its diverse natural background, people living in cities may have different ways of entertaining themselves than those living in the villages. In cities, hanging around malls, amusement parks, bowling, and shopping in the market are regular activities that families indulge in. However, if you are planning to go out somewhere with family and friends to have an entertaining time, then here are some suggestions:

  1. Plan a culinary night out in Jalan Sabang or Pecenongan, you may want to try Martabak Pecenongan. The place serves some very good snack for night time.
  2. Tour Monas at night for lightshows that might dazzle your friends’ eyes.
  3. Take your friends out on a car ride around Jakarta at night. The city lights up and it is quite exhilarating to see it by night.
  4. This city offers its residents a vibrant night life. When with friends, visiting clubs and bars in Jakarta can be entertaining. Kemang and Ecobar are options that you can try out. For those travelling, Jalan Jaksa can be a good choice. They offer plenty of food choices.
  5. For those who enjoy the beach scene, Ancol Bay area is a place to must-visit. One can take a car ride, walk around to enjoy the breeze on their face or board the shuttle provided in the complex.


  1. Believe in ghosts or simply want to have fun and freak out? Jeruk Purut Cemetery offers ghost tourism.


  1. Interested in sports? Join in the fun running events in Taman Menteng or Gelora Bung Karno. Every Thursday night, you can join the runners community in Gelora Bung Karno area, open to public.


  1. Want a surreal experience? The Alexis Hotel, 5th floor, will let you book a helicopter for a ride over the city. Breath taking views await you!


  1. Take a walk around Pasar Baru – the market area. This area offers a marketing experience that is slowly getting lost in the urbanization. It is a pedestrian friendly area. Family run businesses and stores that sell vintage shirts, dresses, belts and jackets for as low as USD 1. One can purchase old as well as new items. While shopping, you can also slurp on local Indonesian food like bakmi. Ask for directions from the local public. They are nice people who will greet you with a smile.

While much has changed in the city, there are nooks and corners that are still holding on to the old world traditions.