Virtual Office & Business Address in Jakarta

Get a smart and prestigious address without the cost of renting actual space. A Central Business Disctrict address and call answering to take your business to the next level. Domicile letter can also be taken care of. Drop in and use luxury business lounge with individual hot desks, or rent a meeting room. With the nitty gritty being taken care of, all you have to do is to concentrate on your business.

Considering the increasing traffic problem and the necessity for dexterity and expansion of your business on a budget, you should consider about virtual office and co-working spaces. In fact, if you are going to start up your business in Jakarta for the first time or a perpetual traveler, the concept of virtual office or shared working space is likely to be your best bet. When you are not interested to invest in your office space due to rising house rent in Jakarta, don’t want to negotiate with any landlord or not ready to sign a lease for the own office space, then serviced office spaces are the excellent solution for you. In such spaces, you can also outfit the place with everything-from office furniture to internet service to printers and perform your business with all your resources. Based on your requirement for your business place, you need to consider which type of serviced office area you need for your business.

  • Virtual Office

When you are in need for an office address for receiving mail from the faraway places, you should think about virtual office. The concept of the virtual office is as simple as the idea of ‘mail drop’. In fact, virtual office offers little more. The basic virtual office offers a specific space to receive mails and packages. Undoubtedly, for the offshore companies who need to maintain their presence in this Indonesian city, virtual office is the excellent solution where they want to be connected with. In the virtual office you can use one person to collect your mails. Even some virtual offices service providing companies will scan the mails to emails and then forward them to the address you will provide. When you are in need of more tasks from your virtual office, you can go to choose more expensive package where services like phone answering are also included. When you need to answer your business calls during the business hours, you can consider this service office package. In addition, certain virtual office packages facilitate their customers with certain hours of conference room usage including the package so that when you need to host any business occasion or meeting with the client, you can use them. Virtual offices like GreenHub, Marquee, CEO Suite, vOffcie, The Executive Centers are popular in Jakarta.

  • Shared Office Space

For the digital nomads, the concept of co-working space is most popular as well as trendy. Here open areas are designed as the office space for those start-ups who desire to work together with the like-minded persons. Compared to the traditional service offices where everyone is allotted a specific space and they are needed to stay in those particular spaces, the co-working spaces are more open. For the co-working spaces, you need to pay usually by the usage of time- by hours, by days or full-time. So when you are starting up your business in a new city or need some space with reliable internet connection during your visit in the city, co-working space is the quite handy option for you. In Jakarta, the trend of using virtual office and co-working space become so popular that there are several well-financed international companies as well as local business communities available in the business. Places like WorkOUT, Comma and Conclave are some of the popular co-working spaces in Jakarta.