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Jakarta Business Profile, Doing Business in Indonesia

In the present global economy, the role of Indonesia is increasing day by day as this Southeast Asian country with nearly 255,708,785 populations in 2015 and more than 17,000 islands has occupied a significant political and economic position. Presently Indonesia has the largest economy with $888 billion GDP which is largest in Southeast Asia and 10th position in the world. Therefore, not only the capital Jakarta, but the entire Indonesia has become a place of interest for the foreign investors. Moreover, the country has sparked excitement among the foreigners to visit the archipelagic place for enjoying its enormous beauty and culture in course of setting up business in the fast growing market of Jakarta. The purpose of this article is to cover up each and every possibility of doing business in Indonesia as well as with special emphasis on its capital Jakarta. Market Overview Throughout the past decade, Indonesia has experienced a very steady economic growth and its main center is Jakarta as its market has various positive attributes. The economy of the country consists of GDP per capita of $3,540 going beyond many of its ASEAN neighborhood countries like Vietnam and Philippines and with 253 million population, the country holds about half of the economic output of ASEAN countries. Jakarta is positions on one of the major trade routes in the world and its extensive natural resources have increased the economical as well as travel importance of the country. Indonesia is considered as the top market for the US agricultural products. Presently the number of family units in Jakarta are earning their annual disposable income as US$5,000 to US$15,000 which is expected to increase from 36% to more than 58% of the population by 2020. Globally, the presence of Indonesian people in social media as Facebook and Twitter is much higher than other countries in Asia Pacific. Business Opportunities The business profile of Jakarta is tempting enough for the foreign investors who are wishing to do business in this place. Here are some important business opportunities of Jakarta as well as in other places of Indonesia are mentioned below- Every year the aviation market of the country is growing 20% and there is the high demand for aircraft replacement services and parts, airport construction and development and ground support development. Vast opportunities are there in the expanding and competitive banking market with IT equipments, technology and software providers. Opportunities are there to sell wide range of military vehicles, communication systems, military aircraft, maintenance service and spare parts. Telecommunication products and services are also the excellent areas for foreign investments. The fields like education and professional training and medical equipments also attract many investors with the increasing business opportunities. Jakarta’s emerging business opportunities have also increased in the fields like palm oil, clean energy, bio-fuel and technologies for improving the production capacities. Above all, the importance of Jakarta as an international travel destination invites the foreign investors with the emerging opportunities in hotel and aviation business, real estate and other businesses related to tourism. Things To Be Considered After selecting the right field and verifying its future prospects, the investors should consider the different stages of legal procedures like dealing with the business construction permits, registering property, protecting investors, getting credit, employing workers, enforcement of contract, paying taxes, trading across the border (if applicable) and so on. Moreover, finding a good lawyer, getting the business travel visa, understanding taxation and tax incentives, fulfilling the duty of corporate social responsibilities are also some things to be considered by the investors in Jakarta’s business profile. A professional image is the key to your success. In business you come across various potential clients, suppliers and partners. Spotting someone who is trustworthy is a very important skill, and most people actually form a judgement of someone in a considerably quick time. That’s why enhancing your professional image is as important as improving your business services and performance. Having a prestigous business address, virtual office services or an office space at prime locations will help to portray a professional image which will help build a thriving business and grow customer and partner based.

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